Orienteering Events UK – an app for iPad

The Orienteering Events UK app has reached a “prototype” stage – everything works, but it needs tidying up if it’s to go public – so this seems a good moment to show it off a little, and gauge whether to publish (and hopefully not be damned) or keep it as a private project.

First of all, I’ll outline the project goals:

  • creation of an iOS app specifically for iPad (for iPhone, there’s the less screen-space-hungry Event-O already out there)
  • allow filtering of the BOF fixture list rather in the style of events.info (i.e. per club/region, per event level)
  • allow multiple filters to be created and saved, to be run at will
  • allow events to be marked as “favourites” and a “favourites list” to be viewed and printed
  • allow notes to be added to any particular event (e.g. “Entries close on…”, “Arrange lift share”, or whatever)
  • show distance/route to an event, either from the current location or from a specified postcode location
  • allow events to be added to the default calendar, with default times that can be set separately for weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • allow access to the BOF web site’s page for the event (and from there to the event web site – usually a club site but may be specific for large events such as JK)
  • not tread on the toes of the existing events and Event-O more than is avoidable! (as a slight aside, I’ve had this project in mind for a long time – the main reason it got delayed was being out of orienteering for two years due to injury, and not knowing for sure if I’d ever be back… I can tell you, there’s no feeling quite like getting back to your favourite sport after a spell like that!)

As a bonus, you can enter your BOF membership number (or someone else’s if you’re feeling cheeky!) to see your last 50 results (as uploaded to BOF) ¬†and ranking score.

So now, here are some screen shots – hopefully mostly self-explanatory…

You may be wondering why you’d want multiple filters, or “searches” if you prefer. Here are one or two ways I’ve been using them, or could envisage using them…

  • search for events in another area – e.g. close to a holiday destination
  • search only for major events
  • look for multi-day events (my tip for this is to search everywhere for mid-week events at Regional level (C) or above) – you can then do a search focussed on the relevant region.
  • show only events and activities for my club

You can probably think of others!

To quickly touch on one or two other areas that may be of concern:

The app needs network access to download the event list from BOF, but once you have it, you can run filters, or add and remove favourites without network access if you need to. Some other operations, such as checking event distance or travel route, adding a calendar entry or viewing your results do need network access.

All data is stored on your iPad and is not shared with anyone, other than to perform the functions of the app.

I look forward to some useful discussions that will help shape the future of this app – I’m sure there are tweaks that could be made, or some completely new features that could be added in a future version.

See you in a forest one day!

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