How does the idea of a challenging outdoor sport appeal? One that gets not only your heart but also your brain racing. One that takes you to beautiful places, many of which few other people visit. Sound good? You need to try orienteering!

Wrekin Orienteers is an active and very friendly orienteering club based in and around Shropshire. We welcome new members or those who want to find out more about our great sport. We all love maps and running in forests, moors and interesting urban areas. In Shropshire we are fortunate to have plenty to challenge our navigation and fitness abilities.

What is orienteering?

Orienteering is an adventure sport in which participants navigate across country, visiting a series of checkpoints using only a map and compass to find their way. Typically, orienteering races happen in woodland or on moorland or heathland, but in recent years there has been increasing interest in urban orienteering, making use of intricate streets, alleyways and buildings as well as parks.

Orienteering is open to people of all ages and can be enjoyed at walking pace or as fast as you can run – so long as you keep your mind clear enough to navigate as quickly!

If you’re new to orienteering, we have information in our “Get Started” pages to help you get to know what’s involved, and of course we will be happy to help you at one of our events.